Emerald (UK) Most Read Article

Tan (left) and Dr Lee (right) displaying their commendation letters.

A research paper by Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF) academics Garry Tan Wei Han and Dr Lee Voon Hsien was recently awarded the “Most Read Article” by the prestigious world-leading academic publishing company, Emerald (UK)’s Industrial Management and Data Systems journal.

Titled “Mobile Applications in Tourism: The Future of the Tourism Industry?”, the paper which was also co-authored with Prof Dr Ooi Keng Boon of UCSI University and BellSouth Corporation Prof Dr Binshan Lin of Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA, was given the recognition based on the number of downloads worldwide since its publishing in March this year.

Emerald (UK)’s Industrial Management and Data Systems journal contains a high number of quality research papers produced by reputable academics. “To have the Industrial Management and Data Systems editor Assoc Prof Dr Alain Chong Yee Loong, a prominent scholar at the Nottingham University Business School, China, accepting our paper is truly an honour”, remarked Tan, who has also been acknowledged as the world’s ’10 Most Productive and Influential Authors in Mobile Commerce and Applications’ by Thomson Web of Science Publications between 2000-2015. According to Tan, the applicability of mobile applications was a relatively new research area that had a significant contribution towards the Malaysia’s tourism industry.

“Our study explores the psychological behaviour of consumers and how they affect the adoption process,” added Dr Lee, who foresees the progress and proliferation of research articles in this area.

Both Tan and Dr Lee also expressed their sincere gratitude to UTAR and attributed the success of the research to the grant funding from the UTAR Research Fund.

拉曼大学 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

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