ICAM R3 Simulator Challenge @ Star Education Fair

ICAM R3 Simulator Challenge @ Star Education Fair

Have An Exciting Drive of A Lifetime – The R3 Simulator Highlight at ICAM’s Stand at the Star Education Fair 2014

In conjunction with The Star Education Fair, the International College of Automotive (ICAM) which is a articipant in the exhibition will be making available R3 Racing simulators for ardent fans of motor racing and video games involving motor racing. Enthusiasts can pit their skill against the machine and try to achieve the highest possible score. Further, there is an exciting promotional programme for students who are keen to pursue programmes in automotive studies at ICAM.

The programme entails students with the right qualification and interest to pursue their studies in one of the eleven diploma and degree programmes offered at ICAM to participate in the competition to secure the highest score for each of the two days, in an order from the highest to the lowest.

The top ten participants with the highest score is entitled to a RM1,000 rebate on the first year’s tuition fees. ICAM’s Student Affairs Department officials will be on hand to verify and ensure who qualifies to participate in the programme. This however does not mean others who wish to have a go at the simulator cannot do so. They are most welcomed to try their hands at it. They will have the closest experience to driving a formula one racing vehicle in one of the world’s famous motor racing circuit of their choice, including our very own Sepang circuit.

ICAM R3 Simulator Challenge @ Star Education Fair

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