New Programmes from Mantissa

Latest MQA Approval on MSc Multimedia Design, BA (Hons) Accountancy, and Diploma in Information Technology.

Mantissa College has always been committed to bring its programmes up to an even higher standard, as to ensure students graduated from the college will definitely receive an overwhelming recognition from the public or their future employers.

Our steps seem to be moving forward ceaselessly and yet again, the achievements of the college have not gone unseen by the government education recognition body and the programmes listed below have received its latest upgraded status which prove to be worth celebrating.

1. MSc Multimedia Design, in collaboration with ESGi, France – MQA / PA 1385

2. BA (Hons) Accountancy, in collaboration with University of Bolton, UK – MQA / PA 1387

3. Diploma in Information Technology, awarded by Mantissa College – A 8163

We are confident that this is not the end, but instead is the beginning of the sign that more good news would come in the future.

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