English Language Camp for children

English Language Camp for children

Facilitators led by Wee Soo Ying (with microphone) welcoming the pupils to the camp.

UTAR’s two divisions; Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and Division of Programme Promotion (DPP) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) jointly organised a fun and interactive English Language Camp for a group of school children and orphans on 12 July 2014. The camp was held at the Heritage Building, UTAR Perak Campus.

The participating schools were SJK (T) Mambang Diawan and SJK (T) Kampar, along with Joyful Home which is an orphanage in Ipoh. The pupils were accompanied by teachers from the schools and a representative from the orphanage.

Assisted by student facilitators, the camp started with an ice-breaking session for the pupils to get to know one another. They were divided into groups with 10 members each. Every group sat in a circle where members introduced themselves and passed on a ball to a fellow member whose name they knew and called out.

For the following activity, an indoor game called ‘Peek-a-who’, each group was further divided into two teams with five members each. It was a test of memory and speed, as two nominated pupils from each team raced to call out their opponent’s name after a blanket separating them was removed. The game filled the room with joyous laughter.

Following suit was an outdoor activity which tested the pupils’ listening skills and reflexes. They were required to listen to a series of commands given by the facilitators, and performed the suggested action only when the phrase, ‘Tiger says’, was mentioned.

The pupils were once again drilled on their listening skills during the story telling session titled ‘Mr Lion and Mouse’. They were tasked to come up with questions based on the story. They raised the questions during two separate talk shows that were held simultaneously for the characters, Lion and Mouse, which were portrayed by the facilitators.

There was a photo-taking session for the pupils before the camp came to an end. During the closing ceremony, FAS Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes Dr Priscilla Moses presented the souvenirs to the teachers and representative from the orphanage.

English Language Camp for children

A ‘hands- up’ group activity.

English Language Camp for children

A group photo of the pupils with their teachers, facilitators and FAS Dean Dr Cheah Phaik Kin (third row, seventh from left).

English Language Camp for children

Facilitators disguised as Lion and Mouse taking in question by a pupil.

English Language Camp for children

Dr Priscilla Moses (right) presenting a souvenir to Girija Nadaraja, a teacher from SJK (T) Mambang Diawan.

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