The Diploma in Culinary Arts by HELP College of Arts and Technology (HELP CAT) in collaboration with the world-renowned Institut Paul Bocuse of France brings together a unique programme structure that provides students with a sound foundation not only in culinary skills but also the entrepreneurial know-hows.

Paul Bocuse, the legendary French chef based in Lyon, France, known for his 3-star Michelin restaurants and founder of the Bocuse d’Or World Chef Championship, founded Institut Paul Bocuse in 1990.

The students of the Diploma in Culinary Arts preparing appetizers for the guests during service class practice.

In 1998, he invited Gérard Pélisson, co-founder of the Accor Group, to become Chairman of the Institut. At the same time, Paul decided to offer tertiary education in the area of hotel and restaurant management, as well as culinary arts to students.

Institut Paul Bocuse had been ranked the best education provider in the field of hospitality and restaurant management, in which the bachelor’s degree and undergraduate’s degree confirm their 1st place ranking by SMBG 2010 of the best undergraduate programs for the 2nd consecutive year. SMBG-EDUNIVERSAL is a leading consulting and International Rating Agency in France, specialising in the Higher Education Sector.

The diploma programme can be completed in 2 years and 5 months with Industrial Training included. The classes provide a blend of practical learning and management skills such as Food Science, Human Resources Management for Hospitality Tourism and Entrepreneur Planning. This enables students to not only be able to work in the kitchen as chefs but also have the knowledge to run a business.

Under supervision of the Chef, the students prepare dishes for guests of the service class practice.

Maverick Chong Jia Sean, who scored 8As in his SPM examinations, decided to venture into culinary with HELP. “I wanted to learn something that is fun, with many opportunities in my career and something that I can be passionate about,” he said.
Despite living in Subang, Maverick enrolled with HELP CAT in Sungei Besi, Kuala Lumpur, due to its facilities and educators. “The chefs are very patient with us and classes are conducted in smaller groups, ensuring a much focused learning and it’s easy for anyone to pick up. Even the facilities are in excellent condition, better than what I have expected.”

Besides the usual practical and theory classes, the students run a service class in which they are tasked at preparing lunch and serving guests at the school. HELP students and staffs can purchase coupons to be redeemed in the service class for a 3 course meal prepared by the culinary students with supervision by the chef. At the end of the meal, the guests are encouraged to give their feedback to help improve the student’s skills.

“One of the reasons I chose HELP CAT’s Diploma in Culinary Arts is because they offered Chinese cuisine in their subjects,” explained Hamdan Nor, first year culinary student. “I’ve done my research with other universities and I chose HELP solely on the availability of that course.” He continues.

Hamdan, who holds a Master’s degree from his earlier studies decided to venture into culinary as he believes that there is an unending demand in the culinary industry. After graduating with the diploma, Hamdan plans to open a Chinese Muslim restaurant to cater to the growing market.

Upon completion of the Diploma in Culinary Arts, the student may opt for HELP’s Bachelor of Business, majoring in either Entrepreneurship or Hospitality Management. They will successfully obtain 9 subject exemptions and will enter directly into year 2 and 3 (terms and condition apply). Graduates may also choose to articulate into any of the 3 Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) programs such as the SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Studies (Marketing), Bachelor of Arts in Communication or Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management with exemptions.

Besides the Diploma in Culinary Arts, HELP CAT offers short culinary courses that are open for enthusiasts and professionals wishing to upgrade their culinary expertise. The short courses held at the campus include bread making classes, pasta dishes and simple French cuisine dishes.

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